Boulder officials are working with the contractor to seal cracks that allowed water to flow down the sides of a pedestrian and bike underpass that is a key feature of a $7.4 million project at Euclid Avenue and Broadway.

Project manager Jason Fell said it is not uncommon for concrete to crack as it shrinks, especially in reinforced concrete bridge decks, which the ceiling of the underpass is.

He said the water does not represent a structural problem because the steel is coated to prevent rust. However, city officials have asked the contractor to use an epoxy sealant to close the cracks.

Spence Havlick, a former member of the City Council and the Transportation Advisory Board, reported the leaks Monday after noticing them over the weekend.

"At first I wondered if the leaks, which occurred at (e)very seam, were designed to happen during rainy weather," he wrote in an email to the city. "The water was gently streaming down the walls and dripping onto the concrete roots that are part of the art project we awarded two years ago. But while on TAB I do not remember that there (would) be an intentional flow down the sides of the underpass. Thus I fear there is a flaw."

The Broadway and Euclid intersection has long been a heavily trafficked area by cars, buses, pedestrians and bicyclists. The project was designed to address safety concerns about the intersection.

The project expanded transit stops along Broadway and constructed a new bicycle and pedestrian underpass beneath Broadway and Euclid.


It also reconfigured the existing Broadway and Euclid four-way intersection into two "T" intersections, with a full traffic signal at Broadway and 18th Street and a pedestrian traffic signal at Broadway and 17th Street.

The project was completed last month.