T his week has been all sunshine and warm weather but -- holy frozen snot is it going to get cold this weekend.

According to a mostly-reliable iPhone forecast, Boulder will get down to 19 degrees at night on Saturday. It's also probably going to rain. Leaving home and getting to the bars is going to be about as appealing as Gary Busey.

But you're stressed out from school or work and emotionally spent from having way too many feelings about the election, so drinks are required. Before the cold sets in, pick up some alcoholic provisions and a movie. We've got some ideas for drinking games, and we're pairing just the right drink with each movie.


"Wayne's World"

Drink: PBR

Sip: anyone says "party on" or "excellent," someone addresses the camera, Rob Lowe acts like a prick

Chug: headbanging, dream-like sequences, Wayne's World theme sung


"The Royal Tenenbaums"

Drink: Beefeater gin and tonic

Sip: overhead shot, Margot smokes, Pagoda speaks, book page shown, Bill Murray!

Chug: slow-mo shot set to music, you're so sedated by Alec Baldwin's narration you could die


"Top Gun"

Drink: Budweiser ('murrica!)

Sip: call names used, high fives, Maverick breaks the rules, "Danger Zone" plays


Chug: volleyball, you're thinking "Man, Tom Cruise is tiny"


"Pulp Fiction"

Drink: bourbon milkshake

Sip: weapons pulled, blood drawn, swearing, references to Marsellus Wallace, Uma Thurman makes eyes at someone

Chug: Samuel L. Jackson makes a religion reference. Drink for the duration of the speech. (Maybe keep a side drink for this. Chugging a milkshake is probably a terrible idea.)



Drink: champagne or mimosas

Sip: valley girl or '90s slang, Cher says "daddy," new outfit for Cher

Chug: you feel sad about Brittany Murphy