Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? If Lionel Richie went to Denver’s Nerd Prom 2013, he’d totally be king.
Hello? Is it me you're looking for? If Lionel Richie went to Denver's Nerd Prom 2013, he'd totally be king. (Courtesy)

Confucius says, nerds often need revenge in life.

I'll give you some revenge. Nerds never went out of style, so speak for yourself Mr. Confucius. (I don't think he ever did say that, but go with me here.)

Unless you're that pasty nerd who hasn't emerged from your basement's World of Warcraft dungeon for a decade, then you're rather hip in my eyes, you little dweebs. (Dweeb. What a solid nerd word.)

As we all know, geek glasses are chic glasses, as demonstrated by that dude behind you. And that chick next to you. And your mom on my lap. Everybody's doing it, wayfarer-style. (Hop on the b-wagon, drifters.)

christy fantz
Christy Fantz

Regardless of the erdology, they're definitely cool tonight. Denver's boppin' funk band (I would), Bop Skizzum, is hosting Nerd Prom 2013 at Summit Music Hall, 1902 Blake St., Denver, Friday night at 7.

The second installation will no doubt look much like the first -- from sci-fi and comic book characters to tuxes and prom dresses.

Bop Skizzum will be headlining the gig and will share the stage with Denver bands Filthy T, Messers and Medic.

Dress your nerd best, the Nerd Prom king and queen will be crowned with a LEGO crown. A LEGO crown. So super.

Plus, there will be a costume contest, a lounge with old-school arcade games and a photo booth.


Got your spectacles, testicles, Nintendo wallet and Superman watch? (Wait, that's Husband's accouterments. NERD.)

And, hear ye, under-21ers! It's 16 and up, so go party with the big kids. Or old bastards. Whatever we're called.

Info: Friday night at 7; bopskizzum.com/nerdprom; $15


Film festival for the rest of us

Since you're already in an indie film rut because the Boulder International Film Festival ended Sunday, satiate your filmburn with Denver's sixth annual Festivus Film Festival.

(A Festivus for the rest of us!)

The fest began on Wednesday and runs through Sunday at the Oriental Theater, 4335 W. 44th Ave., Denver. The Oriental is a minor hike from downtown, but its northern location means it's closer to Boulder (so quit your bitching). Plus, its dear vintage beauty, cozy atmosphere and hot ass is so worth it. (Check out the Tennyson art district while you're down there. And suck on some Irish whiskey at neighboring Patrick Carroll's. Good talk.)

Featured films include the usual: documentaries, shorts, features and such.

Once you reach filmgasm each night, there will be afterparties -- this is where you kiss-asses, er, schmoozers want to be.

You can meet some of the filmmakers and creative cats. Buy them a drink, pitch them an idea and don't barf in their laps. You may want your drunk mug in that fest one day. Don't disappoint us.

And... break!

Info: Friday-Sunday; check festivusfilmfestival.com for a full schedule; $12-$75