Boulder police arrested five people with outstanding warrants for underage drinking in a sweep Sunday and reported that three others turned themselves in to police to avoid arrest.

Boulder police on Sunday went to residences and workplaces of the 37 people who have either failure to appear or failure to comply municipal warrants on minor in possession of alcohol cases.

Police spokeswoman Kim Kobel said in addition to the five arrests and the three people who turned themselves in, two other people have told police they are planning to turn themselves in, which would leave 29 outstanding warrants remaining.

All eight are University of Colorado students, Kobel said.

The sweep did not target those who only have minor in possession tickets.

According to records from the Boulder County Jail, the five people arrested Sunday on suspicion of failing to appear on a minor in possession ticket were Timothy Batog, 21, Tucker Brumley, 20, Jordan Hathaway, 20, Daniel Stolberg, 20, and Betsy Weigand, 20.

Kobel said the sweeps -- which were announced a week before they began -- help give people a chance to turn themselves in to avoid arrest and take care of their tickets.

Those who would like to clear up the warrant should turn themselves in to the Boulder Police Department, 1805 33rd St. or contact Boulder Municipal Court.

Anyone with questions about the status of their minor in possession case can call 303-441-3030 for more information.

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