Eric Jacquemard
Eric Jacquemard ( Picasa )

Longmont police arrested a man early Wednesday morning who officers believe is a serial peeping Tom, according to Cmdr. Jeff Satur.

Eric Jacquemard, 38, was arrested on suspicion of felony attempted invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, second-degree criminal trespassing, and harassment early Wednesday morning after a man chased him from a yard on the 400 block of Emery Street.

A man at the home saw Jacquemard in the fenced yard late Tuesday night and confronted him. Jacquemard ran out from behind a bush in the yard and denied that he was looking into a 3-year-old's bedroom window, adding that he was only urinating in the yard.

The resident chased Jacqumard out of his yard and was able to catch him about a half block away by grabbing his jacket. Jacquemard reportedly swatted the resident's hand off of his jacket and fled to the Sav-O-Mat store on the 600 block of Main Street with the resident following. Police were called to the store.

The officer who arrived reported that he knew Jacquemard.

"I immediately recognized Eric as a local resident of Longmont who had recently been arrested for invasion of privacy for sexual gratification," the officer wrote in Jacquemard's arrest report. "Eric had also been involved in similar activity throughout the city of Longmont, wherein he had trespassed into others' yards/property and was caught peering into their residences at night through the residents' bedroom windows. I was personally aware of four prior incidents."


Court records show only one previous arrest on suspicion of invasion of privacy, though.

The officer reported Jacquemard always denied looking into the windows for sexual gratification. In the new case he also told the officer that he "only urinated" in the backyard.

The officer returned to the yard with the resident and saw rough footprints in the snow, but no visible urine.

Officers arrested Jacquemard in August on after he was reportedly caught into the bedroom of a trailer home on the 0-99 block of South Francis Street, according to reports. In that case, he accepted a plea agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to drug possession and misdemeanor trespassing. An invasion of privacy count was dismissed.

His criminal history also includes convictions for theft, forgery and other drug charges.

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