The woman who reported a coyote attacked and ran off with her dog after she let if loose on the Bear Canyon Trail on Thursday will not be ticketed for having the dog off-leash.

The owner -- who declined to give her name to the Camera on Thursday -- said she was hiking the trail with her dog Maddie, an 8-pound Coton de Tulear, around noon Thursday when she let the dog off-leash to get a drink at a nearby creek.

The owner said she was about 200 yards away when she saw a coyote pick up the dog in its jaws and run off.

A Boulder open space ranger responded but found no trace of Maddie.

The area where the incident happened does require dogs to be leashed, but Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks spokesman Phillip Yates said the woman was not ticketed.

Joe Reale, Open Space and Mountain Parks ranger supervisor, said whether to ticket a person is up to the discretion of the ranger and that a ticket in this case was not appropriate.

"Tickets are to deter people form repeating that behavior in the future, and in this case we think the incident alone was enough deter her from ever repeating the offense," Reale said.

Reale also said there will be no penalty for the coyote in the reported incident.

"There are no actions being proposed or taken at the moment against the coyote," he said.

The owner told the Camera on Thursday she lives in Denver but used to hike the trail in the past, and she was in town for a class and wanted to spend some time with Maddie before she went away on a trip.

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