Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett's "War on Patients" must end. On Aug. 6, he lost the case against Jason Lauve, a disabled medical cannabis patient who was acquitted by a jury of felony marijuana possession.

Garnett was extremely upset that Lauve was not convicted, having poured all the resources of the DA's office into this high-profile case.

On Aug. 24, a letter signed by several medical cannabis patients, caregivers and advocates was sent to Garnett asking him to discuss medical cannabis with concerned citizens who were forming a Medical Cannabis Policy Group. The purpose of the group is to determine the best ways to protect patients and their safe access to medicine.

The district attorney ignored the offer to become part of a community discussion and instead has decided to file a lawsuit asking for an injunction on medical cannabis dispensaries ("Pot dispensaries legal?." Colorado Daily, Sept. 7).

Since his tactic of attacking patients directly failed, the DA now wants to waste more taxpayer money to go after the patients' caregivers through a different legal remedy. This will endanger patients by forcing them back into the black market.

Our invitation for the DA to work with the medical cannabis community is still open. The DA has a wonderful opportunity to meet cannabis advocates and caregivers and educate himself from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Cannabis Health Fair at the Humanities Building on the CU campus in Boulder (

If you want the DA's office to stop wasting money on medical cannabis, please call them at 303-441-3798 and tell them to end their "War on Patients" and work with the community instead of against them.

Timothy Tipton

Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative