I am writing to commend you on a recent story posted on April 30, 2012 regarding Shalaya Kipp, written by Brian Howell.

We live in a world where racial profiling is second nature and socially accepted, while gender inconsistencies are common among males and females. I read CU Buffs Shalaya Kipp making name for herself and was expecting these norms to come into play because the subject-mater involves a female excelling at running on a national level. I was pleasantly surprised to read an article commending her for being an incredible athlete and paying no attention to her gender's contributions. Not only is she an asset to CU-Boulder, but to the world. Her ability is what has gotten her there, not her abilities as a female.

Gender issues are incredibly important to me, as a female, and I face discrimination on a daily basis due to my gender. I appreciate forward motions, such as this article, in regards to gender issues because it gives me hope that the world can change.

Gender gaps are a huge issue in our society and it seems that when females excel they are instantaneously compared to males and gender factors into their abilities. I was proud to see a local newspaper thinking logically -- and regarding this athlete, regardless of gender, as a human being. Shalaya Kipp does not deserve recognition for being an amazing female but for being a talented athlete, representing a superb university.


Media is a key factor into societal views on gender and, in my opinion, the root of hierarchical issues among gender. I found it refreshing to read an article from a source of media, which was unfazed by society's hierarchy and would enjoy reading more articles similar to this one.

The public needs to view athletes as equal, without focusing on the categorization into sub-groups. I applaud your editing and hope that Colorado Daily continues to move progressively toward gender equality. We need media to step in for the equalization of genders and this article took a step forward for women everywhere. The deed may seem small but I believe the more these articles are published, the more neutral we will begin to think in society.

Thank you for working toward a progressive society,

Katie Blankenburg