I couldn't imagine a better place to call home than Boulder where I spent the first 31 years of my life growing up there, going to school and starting my career. Boulder will always have my heart. About 20 years ago, I moved to Bentonville, Ark., to pursue a career opportunity with Walmart; this has been a tremendous, life-changing decision that I will never regret. To this day, my mom, who is a spunky 73-year-old, and my sister still reside in Boulder, so when I heard the news that Walmart was opening a Neighborhood Market near my mom, I was ecstatic that she would now have a place to find more affordable, healthy grocery options.

She shared the same sentiment, and she shared this info with all her friends and neighbors who have also expressed excitement as they will be able to now walk to the new store and shop for their grocery and pharmacy needs. I believe this Walmart Neighborhood Market concept is perfect for Boulder because it's a small, more convenient store format that allows shoppers to find local, fresh produce in addition to the brand name goods that we all know and love -- just as I did when I shopped my corner store, Pine Street Grocery, many years ago off of Folsom and Pine streets, which is now gone.


As an associate with Walmart, I know this store will provide much more than just low prices and convenient access to merchandise. I take great pride in knowing that my employer will make a commitment to my home-town community through charitable giving, quality job opportunities with very competitive benefit options as well as creating much-needed tax revenue through purchases from the local suppliers and generating sales tax to help support Boulder's public services like police, fire, parks and libraries to name a few.

As a former Boulder resident and someone who frequently goes back, I know this store will have a positive impact on Boulder. I am excited about visiting the new Walmart Neighborhood Market when my family and I come home to Boulder to visit.

Chad Slinkard, Project Manager, Walmart

Bentonville, Ark.