The "Xcelisaur"
The "Xcelisaur" (Jerry Shapins/courtesy)

For many years Boulder has planned and envisioned a community that has deep environmental commitments. Now as climate changes affect all of us, it is critical that we make local changes to ensure that we are doing the best that we can to use less power, use clean energy, reduce carbon emissions and build a sustainable Boulder for future generations. But Xcel is acting like a dinosaur and trying to block our progress.

Xcel is an entity of the past. Xcel is a dinosaur unable to change with Boulder. Citizens approved strict guidelines for our future electric utility in 2011, but Xcel has been running scared since then and now is trying to thwart the municipalization process with Ballot Question 310. Xcel is trying to thwart our vote again. Yes, Xcel is a for profit corporate monopoly (our only real energy choice right now) motivated to invest their corporate profits systemwide while increasing local user rates. I believe that Xcel is trying to stop our progress toward developing more competitive local green energy/technology and trying to limit our democratic rights to choose clean solar and wind energy.


Xcel surely does not want to lose the profits from their business here in Boulder or to lose all of their ongoing investments in carbon-intensive dirty energy, so they continue to contribute to global warming with their reliance on fossil fuels.

Xcel continues to waste large amounts of money trying to persuade Boulder that our progressive, creative and environmentally driven values in the city are somehow devious and corrupt. Their full page Yes on 310 ads and their glossy mailers and corporate communications will not change my mind. I see Xcel as the evil, bad Xcelisaur hurting our community. And I see Boulder as a community committed to local change and global leadership.

Because of our community's far-sighted vision and grassroots engagement over many years, Boulder has led the way with many innovative and far-reaching accomplishments that have helped to preserve and enhance our local sense of place. In my mind, we do have a remarkable governance system and political will that gives me confidence that our community will do an incredible job of delivering renewable energy as soon as possible to the community, thereby leading us to less fossil fuel dependence and a cleaner environment for all, and creating an engine for local green economic development centered right here in Boulder.

Xcel is a Dinosaur. Stop the Xcelisaur. Vote No on Ballot Question 310.

Jerry Shapins, Boulder