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What: Fresh Produce's Fresh For Fall: Save 30 percent off your entire purchase and get free salon services (hand massages, mini spa treatments, makeup touch-ups)

When: Saturday and Sunday, with salon services 1-4 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fresh Produce, 1218 Pearl St., Boulder

Info: freshproduceclothes.com

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A new Boulder-based business, Twofold, will be featured in a "pop-up shop" at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 1750 13th St. in Boulder, from Wednesday through Aug. 25.

Twofold (twofoldstyle.com) is a unique online store that sells women's accessories and home textiles from international textile designers. It truly is an example of how fashion can be art. Twofold ranges from $25 for a small pouch to $350 for a throw.

Read more about Twofold in next Sunday's Life & Arts, or swing by the pop-up shop while you're at the Farmers' Market this week and see for yourself.

Look. I know I'm not exactly Fresh Produce's "target demographic."

This Boulder-based clothing line started in the '80s, inspired by a pastel-colored, cotton Olympics T-shirt. Fresh Produce today is known for its pastels, flowy, comfy cottons and beachy feel.

I, however, own not one but an entire shelf of various black heels covered in spikes. I own more latex than Katy Perry. And I've worn it to work. My fashion has only two gears: low (barefoot in yoga pants covered in sweat and carrot juice) and overdrive (ready for Frankenstein's prom).

Consider me the grumpy style gargoyle: If you can get past me, you get the kingdom.

A fringe pancho available at Fresh Produce.
A fringe pancho available at Fresh Produce. (Courtesy photo)

Fresh Produce took the Aimee Heckel Challenge last week -- and was able to awaken my drool-buds over a few items I would have never expected to find there. The shop is going through a bit of a redesign right now, from the appearance of the Boulder flagship store to offering new wintry fabrics (hello, cashmere; no latex, unfortunately). Its look book for fall features long sleeves, tons of layering and texture, gorgeous scarves, trendy jewelry and a surprising array of neutral, not pastel, colors.

Turns out, this clothing line offers more than just cotton pastels for the summer.

"On Facebook, our clients say they get so sad when winter's coming, because they have to put their Fresh Produce away," says Gail Hartin, vice president of merchandising and lead designer. "Our push is to show the customer we have more. You don't have to put us away."

Here are five products you might not expect to find at Fresh Produce:

1. The Maxi Dress in Talavera, $99. The darker colors in this long dress give the print a little more sophisticated of a feel, but the cut is still comfortable. The empire waist is flattering on many different body shapes. This isn't your typical beach dress.

2. The Lurex sweater, $79. This drapey, acrylic sweater with an open scoop neckline comes in gray and blue. The cut is trendy, without being too juvenile.

3. Fringe poncho, $59. This stripy, breathable poncho has an open scoop neckline and twisted tassels on the bottom hem -- in white, so they're not too over-the-top, while still giving the poncho movement and details.

A Lurex sweater offered by Fresh Produce
A Lurex sweater offered by Fresh Produce (Courtesy photo)

4. Vintage Patchwork wrap scarf, $29. With these funky prints mixed together, I could swear this poly-cotton-slub scarf is from Anthropologie.

5. Bubble pendant necklace and earrings, $29. Pendant necklaces are still big right now, but this gives the trend a Fresh Produce spin in the colors mango and mint.

Here are three ways to wear Fresh Produce if you're not a typical Fresh Produce customer:

1. Pop an accent color. So you're not a pastel-pink-dress kinda gal. Instead, accessorize your LBD or LLD (little latex dress) with one of the line's signature, cheery colors, whether in a scarf or chunky necklace.

2. Try the new cashmere line, set to launch in October. These sweaters come in fun colors, such as lime and neon pink, which is unexpected with cashmere and quirky enough to wear no matter how you define your style.

3. Check back every month starting in October for the new print of the month. Fresh Produce will be unveiling a new, unique print every month, all available in a wide range of colors and washes. Perhaps one will speak to you.