Lost City’s Cluster One Scarf  features buttons and sequins embroidered by hand on black cotton voile.
Lost City's Cluster One Scarf features buttons and sequins embroidered by hand on black cotton voile. (Ashley Davis Tilly/Courtesy photo )
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Fashion's Night Downtown comes to downtown Boulder on Thursday, Aug. 29. More than 20 local businesses will hold in-store events, with plenty of discounts, specials and fashion inspirations for fall. Look for extended store hours, appetizers and mocktails, wine, music, trunk shows and entertainment -- and it's all free and open to the public.

The event kicks off 6 p.m. Thursday with a runway fashion show in front of the Boulder County Courthouse on the Pearl Street Mall.

Learn more online at boulderdowntown.com.

Here they come: big-girl conversations with my 3-year-old, whether I'm ready for them or not.

I don't mean the kind of talks where my daughter asks me a tough question and my perfect wisdom answers it for her; I don't actually know much of anything.

These big-girl conversations are the ones where my daughter teaches me.

Take last week:

Bettie: Mom, is ugl-ay a bad word?

Me: Ugly? Well, it's not a nice word.

Bettie: What does ugl-ay mean?

Me: It means not beautiful.

Bettie: (laughs) That doesn't make sense! Everything is beautiful because God made it.

Me: Hmm, yes, that's true.

Bettie: All of the trees are different, and all of them are beautiful. A red flower and a white flower are both beautiful.

Me (picking up what she's throwing down): And what makes each of those things beautiful is its unique differences. Our differences are what make us beautiful.

Bettie: Then there's no such thing as ugly. Silly!

Me: Yes. Yes, my love. Remember that, and you will always be happy. (Talking to myself, not her; she already knows.)

Inspired by my daughter's impeccable childish wisdom, I've been on the hunt for fashion in unique places lately. And twice this has led me not to the mall but to the doors of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

 This is a Rocks Off Scarf,  by Lost City, with fringe made out of long zipper teeth.
This is a Rocks Off Scarf, by Lost City, with fringe made out of long zipper teeth. (Ashley Davis Tilly /Courtesy photo)

Next column, read about the most beautiful dresses I've seen in my life, made right here in Boulder by a young artist, on exhibit at the museum.

But today, and today only, stop by the museum for a limited-time, rare chance to pick up some of the world's most beautiful and hard-to-find textiles.

Twofold (twofoldstyle.com) is a Boulder-based online store that sells women's accessories and home goods made by an elite, hand-selected group of international textile designers.

Jessica Warner, of Boulder, founded the store about a year ago. Earlier this week, she opened a pop-up shop at BMoCA so people can touch and experience the fabrics firsthand.

Warner has lived all over the world -- New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Australia and now Boulder -- and her eye for fashion reflects each of those different cultures, combined.

Like I said, unique.

The idea of Twofold started when she lived in Japan.

"I spent a lot of time exploring the city and scouting out great design ideas. I discovered these amazing, contemporary designers in Toyko that were inaccessible to people outside of Japan," Warner says.

As she traveled, she continued to hunt for more designers who merged modern designs with old traditions. For example, in Australia, she found an artist who puts Aboriginal designs in cashmere.

Today, her shop sells women's scarves, accessories, bags, pouches, cushions, throws, table linens and more.

If you go

What: Twofold's Pop-Up shop

When: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23, and Sunday, Aug. 25; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24

Where: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 1750 13th St., Boulder

Info: twofoldstyle.com

She is the only American business selling many of these designers, such as Yamashiro and Kyoto Toto from Japan, Niki Jones from the United Kingdom and Sally Campbell and Zoe Wall from Australia.

Products range from $25 for a small pouch to $350 for a throw.

Here are a few of my Twofold faves -- things I bet you've not seen before:

2 by Lyn & Tony necklaces, from Australia. Before you think necklaces are a far departure from textiles, know that these are handmade out of waxed cotton and woven kangaroo leather. Choose from five different color combinations.

Rocks Off Scarf by Lost City, from New York. A perfect accessory for fall, each of these scarves is handmade to order, working with Indian artists. Look closely -- the dramatic fringe of the Rocks Off scarf is made from extra-long, steel zipper teeth, hand-embroidered onto black cotton ($149).

Cluster One Scarf by Lost City. If the zipper-fringe scarf doesn't have your jaw on the floor, how about the most stunning scarf I've ever seen? This scarf is made out of a constellation of buttons and sequins hand-embroidered onto the fabric, using an ancient Indian technique ($152). Made to order.