JumpNrope Gym & Headquarters, 500 Front St., Louisville, jumpnrope.com

Instructor: Five-time World Jump Rope champion Molly Metz has been teaching the sport of jump rope around the world for 28 years.

On Sept. 28, Metz celebrated the grand opening of her new facility for her business, JumpNrope, which she founded in 2006. Its permanent home is now in her hometown, Louisville.

JumpNrope started with the intent of working with schools and recreation centers. Metz has worked with more than 150 schools and rec centers in Colorado alone and has had more than 80 instructors come through her program.

"It's been very successful. I've always wanted my own facility," says Metz. "It just took seven years to get."

Additionally, Metz designed a jump rope handle and now has two patents on its technology.

"At our world competitions, the fastest jump-ropers who have the fastest recorded scores all use that handle technology," says Metz.

At age 37 and still jumping competitively at the World and National level, Metz is the head coach of the fastest jump rope teams in the country, the Mad Hops Competitive Jump Rope Team. She has also served as a volunteer for the past five years on the Board of the International Rope Skipping Federation.


What is the workout? The JumpNrope Endurance Training class consists of a constant dose of high-intensity, non-stop, full body speed, agility and power moves that will make your glutes feel sore like never before. In a good way, that is.

The class lasts for one hour. But don't be afraid. JumpNrope features classes for all ages and levels of physical ability available every week, Monday through Saturday.

The class is "often described by participants as the most-loved and most-dreaded class that they have ever taken," according to her website. The program features plyometric movements, core and strength training, and of course, jumping rope. Metz has gained a following of members over the years for this class.

Before owning her facility, the class was only held twice a week. The focus was on upper body and lower body on alternating days. But now with the Endurance Training class being offered four times a week there is more space to fit in varied workouts.

"The idea behind the class is, really, to always be different," says Metz. "It's a constantly varied workout. We're definitely always hitting the speed-work with the jump rope as well as footwork and the power movements."

The community aspect is one of the great benefits of taking the class, Metz says.

"Really what we're trying to build here, start to finish, is a community," says Metz. "It's a place where you can come and jump rope in the classes, go to CrossFit, hang out. We have a grill in the back."

Metz says the class can also increase hand-eye coordination and foundational sports skills.

The class is aimed toward "taking everything your body should be doing and making it fun," says Metz.

What's different? In the new facility, Metz says she is able to teach more classes and work with the clientele more.

Whether you fit in with the "Itty Bitty Beans" (ages 3-5), JumpNBeans (ages 6-15), Mini/Mad Hops Competitive Team (ages 8 and up), CrossFit (ages 18 and up) or JumpNrope Endurance Training, there is a class for anybody looking to get in shape and healthy.

Cost: First class is free. Then you have the option of purchasing a 10-class punch pass for $40 or a 25-class punch pass for $75.

Purchase your pass in October and take $5 off the total price of your pass option.

Level: On a scale of one to 10 with one being the easiest and 10 being the most difficult, it is a 9.9. If you are somewhat in shape and have some mental strength you will be good. Remember that this is an endurance-training course that is designed to be hard.

When: 7 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What to prepare: Regular workout clothes, cross-training sneakers and a water bottle. Multiple kinds of jump ropes are provided.

Muscles worked: Full body. Although a constant cardio-workout, your calves, thighs, glutes, core and pectorals will be put to the test. You can count on it.

My mind was also tested because of the concentration it requires to keep jumping the rope, and spinning it.

What I loved: The fact that I can be in an intense workout and there will still be awesome music pumping in the background and Metz smiling and making sure everyone has a great time.

People are at all different levels in the class, and there is no feeling that you get left behind or you can't complete the workout. Metz makes it fun for everyone and is full of encouragement to spread her passion for the sport.

The facility doesn't feel like the exclusive, member-only kind of gym that you may have been intimidated by in the past. If you do, however, feel intimidated by the CrossFitters across the room, just look to your side and notice all the little kids smiling at you as you're pouring sweat.

What I didn't like: I have very little experience jump roping. Although it is a relatively quick pick-up, moves such as the double under gave me trouble regardless of whether or not I could physically perform it. Otherwise, it's all good.

How I felt after the class: Great -- once I caught my breath. Metz brought us in for a quick group conversation that was very reassuring with the sense that we had all succeeded at a tough workout.

A day later: I don't remember being this sore since my high school years. It's a great soreness, but it's day two since the class and I don't see it going away soon.

-- Reported by Mark Cerick

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