Halloween is creeping up, and you still don't have a costume? Never fear. Our fashion expert, Aimee Heckel, offers up two last-minute paths to take. (All clothes and accessories from Theatrical Costumes Etc. in Boulder.)

You can do a lot with accessories and clothes from your closet (and save a lot of money).

For example, instead of buying the pre-packaged mime costume that you can wear only once, wear a black-and-white striped shirt and a black skirt or pants. Duh.

Jessica Beard, president of University of Colorado's Art of Fashion Club, models how to dress like a zombie (right) over your every-day clothes:

Green and tan boa, $8.95

Green "ooze" scars, $3.95

Arm stocking with scar on it, $5.

(Paul Aiken/Daily Camera)

Green and black wig, $14.95

(Optional) Black furry monster jacket with teeth accents, $155.90

If you're not on a budget, you'll be amazed what kind of stunning outfits you can put together at stores that specialize in costumes year-round. That's key.

On the left, Beard models a stunning Victorian outfit:

Cream corset with tassels, $399

Cream lace skirt from London, $79.95

Gold lace parasol, $60.95

Authentic Venetian mask from Italy, $80.95 (Note: You can find masks as low as $5.95.)

Blonde wig, $35.95