If you go
What: Springdale Quartet
The Lazy Dog, 1346 Pearl Street Boulder, 303-440-3355
10 p.m. Friday
Every last thing about Springdale Quartet just oozes Colorado. The band formed in 2007 at CU, where all of it's members went to school, and two of them grew up here. They rehearsed in Gold Run, played their first show at Club 156, recorded their first album in Boulder, and they play all over the state, all the time. This Friday, they play the Lazy Dog with fellow Coloradoans, The Congress, so we checked in with drummer Greg Russell.

Describe your music for me.
Whenever somebody comes to a show or whenever I give someone a CD for the first time, they ask that question and I say, if you have any recommendations as to what we sound like, please tell us … Our influences are in jazz, they're in rock, they're in funk, they're in hip-hop, they're all across the board - classical music - and that's kind of the way we approach our own songs. I would call our music sort of a blend of mostly rock and funk with some jazz in there as well.


How does improvisation factor into your live shows?
Our album exhibits small pieces of that, but we try to really kind of get outside of our comfort zone. Not neccessarily all the time - there are some songs where we can just kind of rip it as it is and that's good, and there are songs that definitely call for that improvisation … It's very refreshing, it keeps our adrenaline going, which is good.

You're named for Springdale Lane, what's the significance there?
Three of us live there for a few years and one of the band members, Chase, still lives in Gold Run where Springdale Lane is, and that's where it all began. We were playing in Jordan's garage on Springdale Lane. We'd all meet there almost every night just to have a good time and play … Springdale Quartet came from needing to think of a name for our first show … It just kind of stuck. We definitely kept some neighbors up many a night. Hopefully they enjoyed it for the most part. Our thanks def go out to those individuals who were kept up.

You started in Boulder and you haven't left. What makes it a music scene worth sticking around?
It goes beyond the music scene that kind of holds us here. We all love Colorado. None of us wants to live in any other state and the music scene is awesome in Boulder, and in Denver, and in many of the mountain towns. People come out and love to listen to it, regardless who's up on stage, and love to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday … Boulder has a great live music scene, Denver has a great live music scene and we cant imagine ourselves living anywhere else.