In case the increasingly solidified precipitation wasn't a big enough hint, winter is coming around the bend. Where there were once evenings spent sitting on the rooftops sipping beer and basking in the warm air, there will soon be nights wrapped in blankets and desserts with the fluorescent glow of Netflix as a nocturnal companion. Last week the 1190 catalogue offered you psychedelic gems for the mind, but for our second foray into October we bring you hushed acoustic ponderings, for use on the days when the view from your back porch is as otherworldly as the night sky.

For those interested in hearing what the frosting over of leaves would sound like in musical form, the debut from Georgia collective Hundred Waters is a beautiful piece of eclecticism. Ranging from tracks that capture the mind with understated harmonies ("Sonnet") to songs that use manipulating electronics to re-approach the folk music template, ("Caverns") this self-titled debut is a fascinating release that delicately treads the line between acoustic and electronic music.


If hummable melodies are the secret to freeing one's mind from the prison of winter, the New Pornographer's A.C. Newman is here to deliver the answer with delightful taste. His humble Belle & Sebastian-esqe approach to pop songs is most successful on songs like "Do Your Own Time" and "Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns," where the gentle use of reverb on the vocals and focus on strumming produce a lovely head-nodding effect. Shut Down the Streets is a perfect album for assimilating one's inner summer to the increasingly harsh conditions.

As a fond farewell to the days of festival going and biking around in shorts, Australian psych-worshippers Tame Impala have released their second opus, Lonerism (reviewed at right), of introvert geared rock and roll.

Other additions include:

1. Stranger, Balmorhea.

2. Dept. of Disappearance, Jason Lytle.

3. Animator, The Luyas.

4. Cape Flyaway, Biota.

5. Sleepwalking, The Casket Girls.

--Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1109