I t's not a record shop or bar, but Nod & Rose might not be in Boulder if it weren't for music. So it's appropriate that Nod Norkus and Elizabeth Rose will open their new boutique with live tunes and a party.

The husband and wife came to Boulder from Charlotte, N.C., to start their own shop, which will open next week at 1220 Spruce St. -- the space just off Broadway that used to house Dragonfly.

Getting here was an adventure ripped straight from "Away We Go," but instead of looking for a new hometown by visiting family and friends, the pair based the trip on concerts. The couple that held their wedding reception in Asheville, N.C.'s famous Orange Peel, complete with live music, was hopping from places like Athens, Ga., to Nashville, Tenn., to Austin, Texas, to see their favorite bands.

"The music is what takes us to all these different places. I mean, every trip we planned was based off a concert or festival," Rose said. "We realized if you follow the stream of music -- and the music that we listen to, especially -- you're going to end up in a really cool city with really cool people."

And so here they are. Of course, there's good business to think about. They were looking for a town with a college campus and higher socio-economic standing, to match the clothes they'll sell. The music scene was the third factor, partially because of the effect on the culture, but also because they want to host monthly shows in Nod & Rose.

Two concerts at two venues in particular had them sold.


"We came here in June and we saw My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks, and if that place doesn't make you a believer..." Rose said. "Once you go to a venue like that, any other venue ever is gonna feel so half-assed."

Sitting in the Unseen Bean, the two of them reminisced about falling for the Boulder Theater.

"Coming out here, I was like, 'Hey, I hear you. This is all the right stuff, but I don't wanna move to a place where I'm not gonna get along and my kind of person's not there. We'd only kind of been on Pearl Street, where you just see tourists hanging out," Norkus said.

"So we went and saw James Murphy. It was awesome," Rose said.

Norkus continued, "So we went to that. We're hanging out at George's beforehand and I'm like, 'Yeah, this is cool.' Then we're hitting the venue and I was like, 'Great, these people are around.'"

"It's pretty crazy that we ended up in that spot so close to the Boulder Theater," Rose said. "It's all kind of fit in together."

They're already plotting how to use the store's proximity to the theater -- beyond its visibility to concert-goers. What they'd like to do, Norkus said, is offer deals like bringing in a ticket from a certain show to get a discount.

Nod & Roses' other neighbors will likely be helpful, too.

"We've got Zeal [Optics] next door and they're just ultimate entertainers. Then we've got Madison House above us. Then we have Elm & Oak behind us," Rose said. "They've been awesome. Everyone has been so welcoming.

(In fact, while in the Unseen Bean for the interview, someone from Zeal Optics stopped to chat and told Norkus and Rose they were "the missing link on the block.")

When Nod & Rose opens on Nov. 1, they're going to throw a party with live music yet to be chosen. From there, they'll be participating in Elm & Oak's monthly in-store music series and bringing shows to Nod & Rose once a month, too.

"What we wanted to create with this is a social shopping aspect, and music is a big part of that for us, and so it's just natural for us to bring that into the equation," Norkus said. "Our idea is to, once a month, have a live act in. Throw a party. I mean, we want people to feel welcome, like it's their house, too, and they can come over and visit, and the doors always open, and we'll have a drink for you."