If you go

What: METZ

When: 9 p.m. Monday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $10-$12

More info: larimerlounge.com

Y ou might have noticed a surge of ass-kicking rock out of Canada lately -- Yukon Blonde is gaining momentum and Japandroids have absolutely blown up. Now, there's METZ.

The Toronto trio released its self-titled debut on Oct. 9, and the record has been met with rave reviews and a chorus of "Damn, we missed this stuff."

It seems like METZ's style of grungy punk rock has made a comeback. There are a slew of bands in the states, the U.K. and Australia clawing their way into our ears with heavily fuzzed out riffs and pummeling drums. But for METZ, Alex Edkins pointed out, it's not as if this music ever disappeared.

"I don't think it's that more bands are doing it now. I think that more people are starting to pay attention to those bands," Edkins said. "There's always been an underground punk rock scene or noise scene, it's just a matter of people going to find it. It's a little less accessible, you know? I think what we're seeing now is people missing that sound and people hunting it down and going to find it."


For their part, Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach have been on the scene as METZ for about three and a half years, playing basements, skate shops, clubs and festivals. They've been immersed in the culture much longer.

"For us, we come from that tradition of music," Edkins said. "We all grew up coming from punk rock shows and listening to those records, so it's very natural for us and it's something we've always done. All three of us have been playing this music of this kind of style basically our whole lives."

METZ released tracks here and there over the years, but with the full-length debut, which was recorded in part in a barn-turned-studio, the band seems to have the world's attention. It's landed the guys tours in Canada, the U.S. and Europe and caught them a bit by surprise.

"The response in the media to the record has been very surprising and quite overwhelming, with a lot of positive reviews and all that. That's not something we ever really expected or tried to do. We wanted to make sure the three of us were very satisfied with the music. It's something we held very close to our chest," Edkins said. "With our band, I've noticed it's been a very gradual incline over the years and the shows have been getting better and better over the years. With an LP out you can really notice the difference. It seems to be growing at a faster rate. It's really fun for everybody."

Edkins said he, Menzies and Slorach will start writing the next album during a break in touring, but for the most part they're just enjoying the ride.

"This year is basically full of touring," he said. "This is kind of the first time we have a really good reason to do that. That's quite exciting."