If anyone else out there like me feels like this semester has been going on for a while now, Fall Break next week is a glorious reminder that the school portion of 2012 is almost coming to a close. To ease the pain of a heart that has seen too many all-night study sessions, 1190's here with some jams to ease you into the vacation mindset.

Straight out of a tiny island known as Victoria, West Coast jammers Slam Dunk have finally released their debut record Welcome to Miami, appropriately featuring a freaky looking golden retriever on the cover. With retro style boogies like "Dying Breed" and cowpunk jams like "Da Dunda," Welcome to Miami offers up just the right amount of surf-rock, garage punk, and colorful vibes to make the gang of four genre feel vibrant again.

Indie-garage icons Guided By Voices have had a busy year, having already released two other records in the past 12 months, but The Bears for Lunch may be the most solid of the bunch. Mixing the more aggressive energy of their classic material with tracks that display a laid-back attitude, The Bears for Lunch manages to synthesize what defined Voices' classic material with a style that appeals to modern trends as well.

Coming in out of left field, Domenico's Cine Privé mixes the kraut-grooves of Radiohead with a classic Brazillian folk style. The title cut opener chugs along with a modest beat and an organ-bass combo that locks perfectly into place, while "Sua Beleza" shuffles along on a fractured drumline with discordant horns and keys blaring on all sides. A record that combines elements of world fusion with undeniably modern elements, Cine Privé is a record that satisfies on many levels.


* Silver and Gold, Sufjan Stevens.

* Free Reign, Mean Creek.

* The Illusion Of Progress, * Clinic.

* Old Time Machine, Old Time Machine.

* New Radar, Calvin Love.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1990