alexandra sieh

S o when I write this column, it's rare that I naturally develop a lead-in to the varied events I've found.

Quite often, they are an obscure bunch I struggle with to find a pithy, amusing (to me, at least) and refreshing way to get this going.

So color me shocked when I look at the line-up I've found and realized I'd had a discussion about nearly each and every one drunkenly last night at the Old Chicago bar.

Fate, or drunk luck. It's like dumb luck, but more fun because it involved booze.

We'll never know.

But as my friend and I sat in the Old Chicago bar downtown, sipping our way through beer No. 3 of the night, our ramblings spanned from how we'd spend our lotto winnings -- she suckered me into buying a ticket, I'm ashamed to say -- how dressing up as Backstreet Boys groupies next Halloween would be a genius idea and how we really needed to hit the gym after this 2,000 calorie excursion so we could run 5Ks and other things in the future.

Waiting to see how the relevance?

Ironically, our drink choices of the night are the first thing you may care about. Because as avid World Beer Tour members at Old C's, we're always aware of the mini tours in progress at the bar.


Right now, as you could guess, the Winter Beer Tour is underway. And it's a doozy, let me tell ya. Not much of a porter or stout girl myself, I'm struggling with these winter-y dark brews.

But as my pine-aversion friend found, there's a number of ambers and lights that are sure to appease everyone else. I sure enjoyed them.

The shirt is pretty cool. A long-sleeve that includes a delightful twist on the Rudolph carol. Plus, this tour requires drinking 10 beers, meaning three nights of delightful libations instead of two.Beer jacket for this increasingly cold weather, if you will.

Info: Winter Beer Tour at Old Chicago's, 1102 Pearl Street. Running from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1.


Support a good cause

This weekend,World AIDS Day celebrations are sweeping across downtown and elsewhere in Boulder, and it's a great way to not only get tested, but also to put out a show of support for those already surviving with the disease.

Included in the lineup is a film screening of "Tongues Untied," presented by the LGBT Film Series, shown in the Atlas Building on campus on Saturday, and a benefit concert at the First United Methodist church on Sunday.

It's a substantial way to spend a few hours this weekend.

Info: World AIDS Day weekend celebration, with a full schedule of events found at


An app with your drink

For you folk who stuck with this column, I've saved the best for last.

App whores since I got my iPhone, my friend and I can't help but download any and every app that sounds cool.Tuesdays at Starbucks and the weekly free app is just another reason we've found to get a venti of our choice.

Well, I've got an app to make your bar crawls easy, like you are at the end of the night.

"Boulder Happy Hour." Designed for both Apple and Android, it's an app that takes your location, finds the bars nearest you and lists off their happy hour specials.

Just downloaded it myself, and while it's not the prettiest interface I've seen, it's free, and from what I can tell, worth it.

I'll test it out soon, and let y'all know how it goes. If I can remember. Cheaper drinks seem to always be correlated with more.

Info: Download "Boulder Happy Hour" app for Apple or Android.

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