T hanks to a few common ailments of someone my age -- hangovers, heartbreak, crises of self, generally fucking things up -- I've really gotten to know the floors and ceilings of my apartments.

When you spend a lot of time lying on the floor feeling sorry for yourself, you can appreciate your giant skylight (Boston), see things in the weird texture of your ceiling (Boulder), or wonder why anyone would floor an entire apartment with tile (NYC). If you've never spent time lying on your floor in a bad mood, I highly recommend it.

And, you guessed it, I have just the playlist for such an occasion. It was easy to pull together, and you could probably make a few of them, because so much music comes out of these crappy moods. After all, many of the greatest songs out there were the products of heartache, regret, ennui, anger and angst.

As I put this list together, I noticed that a bunch of these songs -- like Girls' "Vomit," Frank Ocean's "Bad Religion" and Alabama Shakes' "You Ain't Alone" -- are considered some of the artists' best work. I don't think it's a coincidence. Just think how many legends were deeply troubled or even just kind of moody. Feeling God-awful almost always produces excellent music, and on top of that, it's received well because there are so many satisfying reactions for listeners. Whether your problems are serious (I'm sorry) or trivial (it's alright, I hate everyone in Whole Foods, too), it works.

So, I hope this playlist can fill some needs or call up the right reactions. It should be part therapy and catharsis, part invitation to wallow or whine, and part nudge to finally get your ass off the floor.


But no rush. I know that floor is surprisingly relaxing.

"Sleep" - The Roots

"November Has Come" - Gorillaz

"Vomit" - Girls

"The Lengths" - Black Keys

"Bad Religion" - Frank Ocean

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" - Johnny Cash

"Oh! Sweet Nuthin" - The Velvet Underground

"Airbag" - Radiohead

"I am trying to break your heart" - Wilco

"I Had It Coming" - White Rabbits

"Is This It" - The Strokes

"Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up" - LCD Soundsystem

"Baseball Cards" - Wavves

"Angsty" - Best Coast

"You Ain't Alone" - Alabama Shakes

"Pursuit Of Happiness" - Kid Cudi

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