Welcome back aural voyagers! It's been a long season of holiday music, end of year lists and basically no new albums -- but it's a new year which means new music! There are already a slew of new oddities and underground gems going into rotation at 1190, so let's get to it.

At long last, the line connecting the Fab Four to San Fran's beloved Deerhoof has been solidified: Sean Lennon and drummer Greg Saunier have joined forces to form Mystical Weapons, and their self-titled debut is wonderfully executed. Experimental guitar noises are mixed with Saunier's hard-hitting rock style for a group of jams that call upon spirits of rock's past while forging in a new direction all at once.

Punk rock has been missing out on the feminine touch lately, but Bleeding Rainbow brings a colorful zest to the garage scene. Formerly knowing as Reading Rainbow, their new record Yeah Right is what No Age would've sounded like if they were a riot grrrl band with a few extra instruments lying around.

Veterans of the alternative rock scene Yo La Tengo have released their glossy follow up to 2009's Popular Songs with Fade, a refreshingly tasteful guitar record fueled by pure pop. With understated production and riffs bounding through every song, Fade is a remarkably consistent late-career release from a modest yet powerful trio.

Other additions include:

* Oak Island, Nightlands.


* Tell, Myriad3.

* Bake Haus, Offshore.

* Ascent, Six Organs of Admittance.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190