Oak Creek.
Oak Creek. (Courtesy photo)
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What: Oak Creek

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

Cost: $8

More info: hi-dive.com

I t's another Last Chance To See. This time, it's the Oak Creek edition.

The Denver (by way of Arizona) band is checking out after four years on the Colorado scene. The Americana quartet has released two records and played all over the state. Now, they're headed for Nashville, Tenn., where the band thinks its music will better fit the audience.

"We've been here for four years and it's time for something new," singer and guitarist Jenna Watters said. "We love it here, but it's not really the music scene that we think we can thrive in. It's doing what we need to do."

The band started out deep in Americana and folk traditions, and even though Watters thinks they sound better live than on a record, the band felt they weren't putting on the kind of show Coloradans love. Specifically, the multi-hour jam extravaganzas that do so well here.

But that's not to say they didn't love their time here or gain any experience from it.


"We've learned so much here about performing and we've met so many people in the business that we think are really great people. The musicians here that we've met are incredible and we've got to play with so many different people," Watters said. "I think it's expanded our genre. We're not really Americana-folk anymore. I don't even know how you'd say it. We're rock sometimes, with a little soul here and there."

Oak Creek's time here, and what the four of them have learned, will be evident on the next record. They already have 14 songs written and hope to get to work in April, when they've settled into Nashville.

"This album's gonna be completely different from our first two," Watters said. "The first one we basically did on our own and we just wanted to show what we could to. There's a little country, there's a little folk, there's a little reggae. The second one is pretty much on the same level, but it's a pretty serious record. Not necessarily dark, but it's not a playful record. I think this one will have a lot of poppy rock songs."

Oak Creek says goodbye to Denver and Colorado Saturday night at the hi-dive. The next morning, Watters and her husband Daniel, who also sings and plays guitar in the band, fly out to Nashville to visit some places and sign a lease. Then they head back here one more time to pack a van and make the move official.

So this weekend's gig will be the big goodbye, and the hi-dive was probably the best place to do it, since it was the first venue Oak Creek booked in Denver.

"We're sad about it, but we're excited," Watters said. "I don't think we'd be able to take this step if we hadn't tried Colorado first."