Bleeding Rainbow, "Yeah Right"
Bleeding Rainbow, "Yeah Right" (Courtesy)
Bleeding Rainbow is reinventing itself on Yeah Right, but not too drastically.

Then again, the band did change its name from Reading Rainbow, declaring the original name stupid and a lawsuit waiting to happen. The slightly more aggressive name is the first tip-off to changes in sound of the same nature. Yeah Right is less twee and more abrasive. The former duo is now a quartet, too, with a little instrumentation shuffle that leaves them with two guitar players. There isn't much sonic space to breathe.

When they miss, it's “meh.” When they hit, there's a ‘60s-meets-'90s bittersweet charm. Pretty vocals sing sad lyrics over fuzzy guitars that sometimes dive into surfy riffs. They run into trouble when the sound gets too sludgy. It gets heavy and murky in a way that doesn't feel purposeful -- just like there's too much going on. It's not bad, it's just bogged down.

It's working best on the sunny “Waking Dream.” The riffs have some space to shine through, and it makes the heaviness of the chorus mean something. It might be the happiest track, too, with the singalong-worthy chorus, “Sunshine is all I see / Light falling over me / I found everything I need in my waking dream.” Songs like that are closer to the old Reading Rainbow sound, though. The heavier Bleeding Rainbow sounds best on “Pink Ruff,” or “Get Lost,” which closes the album out with a total freakout.


Between the sludge and the name change, Bleeding Rainbow is diving into the crowded pool fuzzy, distorted indie rock. You can read it as a grab at being trendy, or just, you know, change. Either way, the best moments of Yeah Right are seriously catchy.