If you go

What: You Me & Apollo EP Release

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

Cost: $8-$10

More info: hi-dive.com

You Me & Apollo began when Brent Cowles needed band to play his 2011 LP Cards With Cheats live. The band stuck, and they just released their self-titled EP. We talked with Cowles and drummer Tyler Kellogg about the record and You Me & Apollo's upcoming tours.

So, tell us about the new EP.

Brent Cowles: Well, we recorded it in Loveland at Backbone Studios. When was that, Tyler?

Tyler Kellog: I believe it was the very beginning of March, maybe the last day of February.

BC: We did everything live in about two days and we were gonna release it as a three-part vinyl series, which we did do the first one, so that has the first two songs on the EP. We'll probably continue the vinyl series later, but we wanted to have something with the full band, this line up, in CD form for people.

Brent, has your songwriting changed a lot since you first started out? Do you write more with everyone's specific talents in mind?


BC: I don't know. I would definitely say it's changed. I wouldn't know how to explain how it's changed. When I write now it seems like I can almost hear the song as a full band song in my head. Whenever I just bring a skeleton -- I just bring a verse and a chorus to the band -- typically it could take a couple practices. A lot of times it just happens. It comes out in a way that seems to be our sound that we're starting to develop. I definitely think it's changed but I don't necessarily go out of my way to write for specific instrumentation. I like to have the collaboration and everyone's opinion.

TK: Just from, I guess, before this album, I played live with Brent but I hadn't been on any of the records, so I have kind of an outside perspective. I remember when he brought "Before I Die" -- which was his first track on the EP and the vinyl -- when he brought that to the band, there was definitely something different about it. I don't know if he wrote it with the full band in mind, but that was definitely a turning point when we started thinking more as a group and stopped playing to Brent.

You had your first release show last weekend at the Aggie, how did that go?

BC: It was pretty surreal. We haven't played Fort Collins in a while because we don't wanna over-saturate and have people get sick of us. We were kind of blown away by the support we have in our hometown and the people that came out and sang along. I've never experienced a show like that and it kind of confirmed why I love to do this.

TK: It's a great response.

After this weekend's show at the hi-dive, you've got a pretty big national tour ahead of you.

BC: We're really excited to go out on the West Coast again. Coming up soon we'll be in L.A. and doing McMenamins' tour in Oregon, and a little stint in Washington. Then we have the tour with Nicki Bluhm after South By Southwest in March. That'll be our first trip as You Me & Apollo to the East Coast.

Are you working on anything new?

BC: It was funny, at the end of 2012 we kinda took off, around the end of November, and didn't really do much. During that time, for some reason, I just kind of had an inkling to write a bunch of music, so we probably have, in our set, a whole 'nother record's worth of new, unrecorded music. We're definitely working on new music and playing it for as many people as possible.