Merry Tuesday everybody! With the Oscars leaving me questioning why I continue to sit through a ceremony that celebrates the regurgitation patterns of the beast called Hollywood, it's refreshing to return to a job where I can guarantee the artistic output I receive in a given day will give me some cerebral tissue to chew on. The goods just keep on coming, so let's get to it.

DJ Sun seems like a dude who earns the "disc" in his title, sampling old funk records and classic hip-hop beats like he just invented the turntable. This works out gloriously for One Hundred of course, as his DJ sensibilities mix with live Caribou-esqe keyboards and Massive Attack-channeling stomps to create a wonderfully groovy listen as shimmery as the name implies.

Straight outta Auckland, New Zealand, Popstrangers have a wonderfully dark take on the droney psych-rock genre on their debut Antipodes. Loaded with moments that are sometimes serene, sometimes gloomy, but always tasteful, Antipodes is a promising and lush debut that demands attention in subtle ways.

For fans of Iceland who've gotten their share of Bjork and Sigur Ros, Pascal Pinon are back with their sedated sophomore release. The twin sisters' use of sentimental songwriting and siren-like crooning is an entrancing sight to behold, and Twosomeness grows the duo's sound in exciting and mystifying directions.

Other additions include:

* Jamie Lidell, Jamie Lidell.


* Other, Data Romance.

* Naomi, The Cave Singers.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190