It seems like everybody I know finally got sick the weekend everything started looking nice outside again, as per the typical cruel hand of the weather gods. In music related news however, Pitchfork has finally unveiled the first round bands to play at Pitchfork Fest this year, and it's just as kooky as the headliners beforehand! (Bjork, R. Kelly and Belle & Sebastian for those who haven't been following.) Highlights include The Breeders playing Last Splash, the return of Joanna Newsom, a sure-to-be-crushing set by Swans, and the duo that created one of 1190's favorite records from last year, R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike and El-P will both be in attendance. Festivities abound.

Diving into radio-related matters however, this week brings a round of big names to the more obscure nature of rotation as of late. Radiohead fans can delight at the release of Thom Yorke side project Atoms for Peace releasing their debut Amok to much anticipation, continuing the glitch electro aspirations of Yorke's solo debut The Eraser. Flea and Nigel Godrich join in the fun as well.

For worshipers of the unholy noise, cool-guy virtuoso Thurston Moore has a new solo project as well, going under the name Chelsea Light Moving for their self-titled debut. Fans of Moore's downbeat pop stylings and distorted interludes will naturally be delighted at this tasteful collection of tracks.


And speaking of tasteful, last but not least 1190 has a new CD of the Month, going to none other than Manchester's Mazes. Their new record, Ores & Minerals, comes off like the miracle baby of Neu!'s krautrock and Television's highbrow punk, loaded with awesome hooks and a comfortable fuzziness. Highly recommended.

Other additions include:

* Wondrous Bughouse, Youth Lagoon.

* Exai, Autechre.

* Honky Tonk, Son Volt.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190