Happy Tuesday everybody, South by Southwest is just getting under way, meaning those of us who can't go this year will just have to sit at home and cry while our music friends assault our Facebooks with awesome concert photos and crazy celebrity run-ins. We hope our additions to the rotation for this week comfort you during these jealous times.

Devendra Banhart has emerged from his cave to bring us Mala, the best album he's made in years. Tackling a more hushed sound with less of the yodeling sheep vocals he's established over the course of his career, Mala hints at a subdued psychedelia that trades out Banhart's folk fetishes for a modest pop approach with excellent results.

On the more unhinged side, Lightning Bolt's Brian Gibson has released a new record under his solo Black Pus moniker. Like Lightning Bolt, the drumming on All My Relations is furious and powerful, but surprisingly more controlled than the primal banging we've become used to. Inhuman distortions of noise blast off in every direction, as Gibson's hypnotic drumming finds new ways to enthrall with each passing track.

And lastly, for the funky at heart, Charles Bradley has returned to bring us that special something that only Daptone can deliver. Victim at Heart is a more optimistic, celebratory record than his wrenching debut full-length, making his jams with the beloved Menahan Street Band all the more joyous.


Other additions include:

* New Moon, The Men.

* Nanobots, They Might Be Giants.

* Eden, Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck.

* White Mountain, Ulfur.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190