The Yawpers, rocking South By Southwest.
The Yawpers, rocking South By Southwest. (Ashley Dean)

South By Southwest came to a spectacular end on Saturday night.

Austin buzzing as much as ever. Attendees showed few signs of slowing down as they stumbled happily around the warm city. Tomorrow morning, the post-South-by blues will set in, along with the hangovers, so this is the last hurrah.

For our part, we saw some of the most exciting shows of the week on Saturday night. At Antone's, we discovered something new in Joshua Jackson, who has the vibe and sound of a young Tom Petty. After that, it was Delta Rae's turn to take the stage in the big warehouse-like room. Despite a slow sound check, the six-piece folk rockers revved the energy back up and blew the room away with their impressive vocals.

The final show, for us, was at Red 7. A mix-up in scheduling had us there looking for Denver hip-hop group Air Dubai. Serendipity lead us to Big Freedia. The rapper puts a spell on the crowd, boisterously leading some call-and-response and encouraging a ton of booty shaking.

To cap off the night, it was pulled pork sandwiches on the curb and letting the SXSW experience sink in. It's been a whirlwind five days of hard rock, hip hop, folk tunes, stage dives and weirdness. No one leaves SXSW without the feeling they both missed out on and saw everything.

This week, we'll catch up with local bands and talent scouts to find out what they did or wished they'd done. For now, you can see and hear the many things we did at