If you go

What: Shady Elders EP Release

When: 9:30 p.m. Friday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

More info: hi-dive.com

Shady Elders has been coming together as a band for a couple years now. With a lineup of Denver musicians Britt Rodemich, Miles Eichner, Casey Banker and Marlon Peyton Chance finally solidified, the shoegaze-y, dream pop band was ready to record and release a debut EP.

No Favors dropped this week, and the band plays the hi-dive Friday night in celebration We talked with frontwoman Rodemich about the EP, the roots of shoegaze and what it's to have four songwriters in the studio.


So, the debut EP is finally here. It feels like a long time coming.

It definitely has been a long time in the making. I think that we were just waiting to have solid band members before we even went into the studio. That kind of took a long time. Once we had our four-piece together and everything was feeling super fluid and solid, we were like, now we're ready ... It should have come out a long time ago, but that's OK. I think these things happen for a reason.

Well you ended up with a solid group.

This is the most talented group of individuals I've ever worked with. I think, because of that, the outcome is really solid. We all feel really comfortable in our abilities, so when it comes together it's just really easy.


Everyone in the band is a songwriter, right?

I am the original member and I did start out writing all the songs, but we only kept one song that I wrote fully by myself. From there, it just became a process where everybody had input. And now I would say that I still write a lot of the music and lyrics and stuff, but there have been songs where one of the guys will write one of the guitar lines or Casey [Banker] will write a melody for me. It's completely shared input and that's kind of nice for me because it takes off some of the pressure.

I bet that can be pretty invigorating, having everyone contributing.

It makes things easy for them as well. There's so much trust involved when it comes to that because every single member has been in a great band before this band, and in their old bands, they were songwriters or created most of the music, so they know the formula and know what they're doing. I have complete trust in them and I'd say that's never failed. Yeah, it's very invigorating and it's very exciting.

I think shoegaze sometimes gets a bad rap, but it's almost like '60s pop rock in slo mo. Do you draw a lot on that kind of stuff?

Well, yeah, I mean, there are songs that, more than other songs, definitely get that '60s pop rock. I completely agree with you that when you slow it down and add more effects on the guitar pedals, that's when you go more into shoegaze. And there's some psychedelic notes. This band does not necessarily have those, but we definitely have songs that are straight -- almost like a doo-wop sound and other songs that are more surfy and songs that are more straightforward pop.