Salutations everybody, hope everyone's weekend was as fruitful as mine was. In addition to at last getting a new car, it seemed like there was a series of difficult decisions in terms of live music this weekend, particularly with Thursday's combo of Iceage, Spiritualized and Deer Tick followed by Saturday's Sigur Ros show at 1stBank with Oneohtrix Point Never. Hopefully everyone got their filling of concert goodness.

Our additions to the 1190 catalogue this week are some of the headiest things we've seen recently, so try not to get lost in the haze. Thee Oh Sees have returned with one of their most epic releases yet, the terrifyingly heavy Floating Coffin. Loaded with some of their most unsettling productions tricks and gnarly riffs yet (which is saying something for a band with 12 LPs of psych-garage-goodness already in the stacks) Floating Coffin may just be the essential entry point for those not yet familiar with these righteous beasts.

Probably most famous for his work with Ty Segall, White Fence has released perhaps his most focused work yet, the unsettling Cyclops Reap. Following bands like Tame Impala in the quest to restore the glory of '70s rock but with a much more sinister, surreal twist, Cyclops Reap is a fascinating listen loaded with riffs that seem to giggle at themselves as they rip a hole in the sky.

And at last for the more electronically minded, the wonderful Bonobo has released yet another irresistible collection of chilled out house beats. Entitled The North Borders, this new record brings in tasteful elements of soul into Bonobo's sound, and as always, one can only be fascinated at how such simple sounding elements can reward so thoroughly.


Other additions include:

* Ministry of Love, Io Echo.

* Amygdala, DJ Koze.

* Want, Lightouts.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190