This year might easily go down as one of the most epic years in recent music history, what will all the crazy reunions going on right now. Neutral Milk Hotel is getting back together, Boards of Canada's new record will be in our hands within the next month, and as you all are probably aware, Daft Punk's long-awaited new record is finally a reality. So let's get jump right it with what we're playing this week on Radio 1190.

Random Access Memories, the new offering from French disco-nauts Daft Punk, could very well be a contender as the duo's most masterful release yet. Trading in the hard dance singles for silky smooth funk explorations, Random Access Memories taps into a darker side of Daft Punk, with melancholy jazz ballads stacked up against epic cosmic jammers, and yet through all the abstractions Daft Punk never loses the essential catchiness that make them such a universally beloved group.

Back from his work in Atlas Sound, Bradford Cox teams up with the boys in Deerhunter to release what may be their most raucous record yet. Monomania places emphasis on the harsher, more discordant side of Deerhunter's catalogue with a collection of swaggering garage-rock jams. Though moments of beauty crop up such as on the gorgeous "The Missing," the general feel of Monomania is that of a lumbering freight train, with Cox's bizarre personality as the conductor.


Lastly, Bibio has returned with Silver Wilkinson out on Warp records, a gorgeous collection of electronic tracks that blooms with surprising and colorful production. Keeping the trademark beats the producer is known for, Silver Wilkinson also uses samples from various sources, including guitar tracks recorded in his backyard, giving the album a warm and summery feel. Anyone who follows the experimentally minded electro of Warp will find plenty to obsess over on this wonderful new release.

Other additions include:

* Olympic Gold, MC Kabir.

* Turbine, Tunng.

* Dungeonesse, Dungeonesse.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190