Sebadoh, "Secrets EP"
Sebadoh, "Secrets EP" (Courtesy )

Congratulations everyone for putting on another excellent week of summer here in colorful Colorado. The fact that July is almost here is a bit terrifying but hey, nothing another week of awesome music can't fix, right?

Starting off the week with a bang, Deafheaven's new album Sunbather is the kind of record that will spark countless arguments regarding whether it's actually a metal album or something else entirely. But genre trappings or not, Sunbather is an enormously fun summer album that only loses its triumphant stride for its gentle moments of guitar-laden gorgeousness.

Back in business after 14 years without an LP, Sebadoh is returning with a new album in September that is being preceded by the five-song Secrets EP. Loaded with everything that made Sebadoh such a staple of the '90s East Coast indie scene, Secrets EP packs enough guitar crunch, tape effects and warped, Beatles-influenced songwriting to make the wait for September just a little more bearable.

Lastly on the smaller side, Jack Wilson's Spare Key expands on the folk sensibilities of his previous albums while expanding his palette to include a wide variety of wonderfully disorienting instruments. With lovely passages of Wilson's guitar work interspersed with laid back numbers laden with tasteful dissonance, Spare Key is a surprisingly touching album that takes the singer-songwriter to new heights.


Other additions include:

* Pills for Strangers, Firehorse.

* Water Tiger, Frank Lenz.

* The Sun Dogs, Rose Windows.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190