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Right now, this very hot minute, Summa is featured on the Second Story Garage. The Boulder-based indie rock trio is less than a year old as a band, but they've been busy making the rounds to local venues and just release an EP, Microlove. Check 'em out at . On Twitter: @2storygarage.

We're proud of the music videos and interviews we produce in the Second Story Garage, but sometimes, some of the best stuff happens when the cameras aren't rolling and mics are off. So, I decided to recap and go behind the scenes for some of our memorable sessions. Check out the videos when we release them every Tuesday to see the polished final product.

Meanwhile, this week, we had a visit from the Whiskey Shivers. No, not that kind. Read on.

Who: Whiskey Shivers

What's their deal?: The Whiskey Shivers -- Bobby, James, Horti, Joe and Andrew -- are a bluegrass band from Austin. This ain't your granddaddy's bluegrass, though. They've branded what they do as "trashgrass" and it's not just because they don't wear shoes. It's traditional bluegrass -- with a guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass and washboard -- pumped up with a punk rock attitude. Louder, faster.

When I saw the band at South By Southwest earlier this year, I knew we had to get them in the studio. The energy on stage and in the crowd was unbeatable.


What they played: "Middlesboro," "Jealous Heart" and "Swarm." All three songs are on their latest record, Rampa Head.

Outtakes: The guys started playing and singing as soon as they got in the room and never let up. Even as Duncan, our sound engineer, was talking to Bobby about coming closer to the mics during solos, they kept the current song going and just played quieter while they talked.

They have a propensity for high-fives, too. I got a bunch when we finished the interview and as they were headed out the door. At their show at the Larimer that night, they asked everyone in the audience to high-five the person next to them and create applause with high-fives.

Oh, and Joe, the washboard player, blew fire mid-song during the show. Not sure what he was drinking, but he didn't catch any of their instruments on fire. Too bad fire codes and office etiquette prevent us from doing that in the studio.(Jump to the 55-second mark in the video below and you'll see what we mean.)

What the office thought: The applause after songs was louder than usual and peppered with woops. The performances blew everyone away, but everyone would have loved them even if they hadn't, since they spent any time they weren't playing joking.

Watch: The videos from the session will go live on and on on Tuesday.

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