If you go

What: Kopecky Family Band

When: 9 p.m. Monday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $10-$12

More info: larimerlounge.com

It's been nearly one year since the Kopecky Family Band's full-length debut Kids Raising Kids was released, and in the time on the road since then, the band has sort of lived up to the title.

In the early stages of writing their next album, the Family's six members have found that they've grown up together. That's not a shocking revelation, but their warm indie folk-rock is music that feeds off that kind of thing.

"We've been writing on the road. That's been really good for us. We use our sound check to kind of jam and we sit on the curb and write," Kelsey Kopecky said. "You know, we are growing up, so I think that every song that we write has an understanding of that behind it."

They're not family by blood. The rest of the group is Gabe Simon, Steven Holmes, David Krohn, Markus Midkiff and Corey Oxendine, and according to band lore, they just though Kopecky's name sounded right. That was back in 2007, when Kopecky and Simon met at college dorm jam session and clicked, musically, then rounded up the others.


Since then, they've released three EPs -- Embraces, The Disaster and Of Epic Proportions (great title sequence, no?) -- and Oct. 2012's Kids Raising Kids. It's been a collaborative writing process the whole way, even with six people chipping in.

"All of us definitely contribute in different ways, whether it's a guitar line that Steven has or a bass part that Corey has. Usually we'll have a basic idea, but it's never complete until all of six of us get together," Kopecky said.

"We all really know how to navigate our role in the creative process, so it's pretty seamless and natural because we don't have to overthink it. There's no fear at all. It's really nice."

With just six months until the end of the tour cycle promoting Kids Raising Kids, they're starting to focus more on the next thing. There's no concrete plan for a title, release date or even length of the next record, but the creative seeds have already been planted.

"We're excited, we've already been writing and demoing out some ideas for the next record. It's exciting to keep moving forward and keep the creative process going," Kopecky said. "Musically, it's always been kind of about where we've been. It's definitely in the same realm as Kids Raising Kids, but we always want to keep moving forward."