We're back people! The summer has been long and glorious, but now it's time to settle in for another year of academia with your friends at 1190. The summer was bountiful with new releases and the fall is already shaping up splendidly, so let's take a look at what you'll be hearing on 1190 this week.

Prolific doesn't really come close to describing how relentless Ty Segall's work ethic is, and yet somehow he's managed to release perhaps his greatest record yet with Sleeper, out now on Drag City. Channeling some downer vibes a la Kurt Vile or "Rust Never Sleeps"-era Neil Young, Sleeper is the most acoustically driven album of Segall's career, but the stripped down approach proves that without the distortion, screaming and generally raucous style that Segall has built his name on, he's still capable of writing impeccably arranged songs with choruses that sound timeless.

Back with their typically bouncy approach to pop, Braids' new release Flourish//Perish is another wonderful release from the refreshingly unflashy Canadian trio. Showcasing a style of electronica that feels soothing in a synthetic kind of way, the songs on Flourish//Perish groove along in a careless kind of way, tossing in influences from around the globe to make a mixing pot of pop that hits the spot at the end of a long day.

Last but certainly not least, Califone, a.k.a. potential winners for America's-Most-Under-Appreciated-Band, have earned 1190's CD of the Month for September with their new release Stitches! Bringing the focus away from the surreal electronics of the band's past and more onto lead singer Tim Rutili's weary vocals and smoky chord progressions, Stitches is perhaps the most bare album Califone have laid to tape yet, while still building a world of sounds and atmospheres that makes their music warm yet unnerving.

Other additions include:

No Age, An Object.


Moderat, II.


Golden Suits, S/T.


— Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.