Merry Tuesday everybody! I'll be in New York representing KVCU at CMJ next week, so no rotation roundup, but that doesn't mean we don't have a slew of excellent autumn albums to satiate you while I' away!

Back with their first album in 17 years, Mazzy Star has proved with Seasons of Your Day that there are few bands who can truly claim the tag "dream pop" like they can. Seasons of Your Day returns Mazzy Star to the folk-tinged, candle-lit style of music that Hope Sandoval and friends established in their initial run, but with a contemporary, warm production that melds them right back into the scene they helped to create. A lovely release for chillier times.

Out on In The Red Records, Dirtbombs' new release Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! fulfills the bands' long-standing promise that they would release a record blending their raw style of garage rock with blissful bubblegum pop. As sugary as the title implies, Dirtbombs' sound as vital and optimistic as they ever have, with another great record to get your mosh on to.

The '90s revival continues with Yuck's sophomore release Glow & Behold, taking the slacker-garage of their debut and mixing in some acoustic, college-rock vibes. Still upbeat sounding but in a beanbag kind of way, Glow & Behold is a lovely slice of sentimental yet catchy gold.

Other additions include:


Jesse Woods, Get Your Burdens Lifted.

The Poets of Rhythm,

Anthology 1992-2003.

Seams, Quarters.

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