ashley dean
We're proud of the music videos and interviews we produce in the Second Story Garage, but sometimes, some of the best stuff happens when the cameras aren't rolling and the mics are off.

So, I decided to recap and go behind the scenes for some of our memorable sessions -- this time, it's with I Sank Molly Brown, a Denver post-punk trio that masks a lot of substance under layers of nonsense. The videos are fresh out of the editing dock and featured on right now. Check 'em out.

Who: I Sank Molly Brown

What's their deal? Dylan Self, Caleb Tardio and Johnny Moses play music that is most easily defined as post-punk, but a real description would be more slippery than that. You'll just have to hear it yourself, in our videos or at a show. They've been playing around Denver for years and they show no signs of stopping.

What they played: "All Mom Blues Band," "Sticks and Stones" and "Slap 'N' Pickle." (Yes, you recognize that last one from the movie "Beerfest.")

What they brought us: Our garage shelves have a new book: "The Cosmic Christ." Our sound engineer Duncan and I tried to dig in to some of the dense, Biblical-style prose, but gave up making sense of it in favor of going home.

Outtakes: When our videographer Paul (this is an Annoying Paul Production) introduced himself to the band, he said to Dylan, "You're the biggest guy we've had in Second Story Garage.


" Dylan responded by giving Johnny one of the most forceful highfives I've ever seen and jumped into a chest bump with Caleb, somehow without leveling him. The room shook.

You'll see that the interview video opens with a weird introduction. The "wookie and grasshoppers" description was their own. The mouth noises started spontaneously breaking out in between songs.

In fact, most of the interview stemmed from conversations during the recording.
I Sank Molly Brown plays the Second Story Garage.
I Sank Molly Brown plays the Second Story Garage. (Second Story Garage staff)
The traditional Hebrew band was pitched earlier in the evening, and the poses at the end of the interview were to make up for the band not having a bad-family-portrait-style promo photo.

There was also this conversation...
Me: Goldfish are the only food in my apartment right now.
Dylan: You and my 19-month-old would get along great. Pops those things like Xanax.

What the office thought: That's hard to say. The guys were kind enough to bring me earplugs, which I didn't bother to take out when I was coming in and out of the studio. But, afterward, the consensus seemed to be, "that was loud."

Watch: The videos from the session are live now on and