If you go

What: West Water Outlaws album release

When: 8:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-447-0095

Cost: $12-$15

More info: foxtheatre.com


Boulder's own West Water Outlaws are finally ready to release their full-length debut. The self-titled album is getting a hometown release party at the Fox Theatre this Saturday, and that's the only time and place the record will be available until February. We talked with drummer Andrew Oakley about the band's endless travels and the challenge of recording live.

So how was the last tour?

It was good. It was pretty crazy. We did a lot of driving.

How far out did you get?

We've been all over. We went to Texas for a weekend and came back. We went to Arizona as well. New Mexico, South Dakota. We've been doing quick weekend tours, coming back home.

Feels like you're on the road more than not.

I feel like that, too.

Does that wear you down at all?

It does. It can definitely wear on you, especially driving and everything. You have to keep a positive outlook on it. We have fun out there.

Judging from your Instagram, you find time for some mountain biking and other stuff.



We've been trying to get better about that. We're always in different places and we try to keep it interesting. We'd all rather be on the road than at home. If we're at home, we gotta work our day jobs and stuff. When you're on the road, it's fun. We get to bike quite a bit. We just try to enjoy the places we go as much as possible.

We talked about the new record in the early stages — what can you tell me about it now?

Well, it's been a long path, you know, trying to get this thing finished and out there. We're excited for people to hear it. We're really proud of it. I think its definitely the best work we've done yet. We're really excited about it, the way it sounds.

You mentioned wanting to record everything live. Did that work out?

We actually ended up doing it most of it all live, together in one room, with a few overdubs here and there. We were trying to capture the live energy. A major part of rock 'n' roll gets lost with people trying to be perfect.

Did you find it hard to capture that energy with multiple takes, without a crowd?

In an empty room, it's a little harder to bring the energy. I think you have to have fun with it and that's the key, not put too much pressure on it. That's what it's all about, just enjoying playing and feeding off each other's energy. The studio we recorded at was conducive to that (UI Sound Studios). It's a great energy in there.

So can we expect a standard progression of what the band's been doing so far?

There's no dubstep or anything like that, but there are definitely some surprises throughout there. It'll definitely keep people on their toes. We also have a lot more acoustic guitar and keys, and Will picked up lap steel. We featured that on two different songs.

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