Teengirl Fantasy, "Nun"
Teengirl Fantasy, "Nun" (Courtesy)
Teengirl Fantasy -- Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi -- have always made incredibly fragile music. Their new EP, Nun, is no exception, and somehow all the more delicate-seeming with only four tracks.

Ahead of the release, Weiss told Fact Magazine, "This was our first time doing an EP -- not having to think in terms of a full length was really freeing and allowed us to go down several different rabbit holes rather than trying to fit things into one narrative.” Nun sounds just like that. The first track, “Eric,” could be called a lot of pretty things -- twinkly, shimmering, playful. Then there's the title track, which is far more percussive and metallic. “Platinum” is all ambient haze, punctuated by thumps and clacks. When the EP wraps up on “Nun Beat,” it's the reprise at the end of a musical, the slight reworking of earlier material.

The beautiful thing about Teengirl Fantasy's music, and this EP, is that even though it's carefully textured, everything is given room to breathe. Every little sound is noticeable while, as Weiss put it, they go down the rabbit hole. It all feels like it could shatter if you touched it. And while it's interesting to pick apart the many dance influences, it's been so carefully crafted to achieve a certain feel that it maybe doesn't matter. Listening to Nun is best if you fall down the rabbit hole with them.