Ancient Sky, "All Get Out"
Ancient Sky, "All Get Out" (Courtesy)
Brooklyn psych-rockers Ancient Sky have just released their third record, but still no one pays too much attention.

You'll find mentions here and there, but the big tastemakers have avoided or missed Ancient Sky in the psych-rock revivals of late. True, they're not as exciting as Tame Impala or drama-ridden as Foxygen, but there's something to be said for their simplicity. It's the bread and butter psych-rock.

All Get Out is asking for word play with that title, but you couldn't really say it's trippy as all get out or heavy as all get out. Ancient Sky isn't so in-your-face about it. That's not to say they don't cut loose.The six-minute “Invisible Hand” at the album's center is a strung-out and queasy jam that builds to a wailing and thrashing climax before hazily shuffling out.

Sometimes they take the druggy vibes a little too far, like on the moaning and unchanging “Trick It.” It works much better on “Master Cleanse,” where they take it in a freewheeling trip direction, tumbling forward with cascading drums and wobbling guitars.

All Get Out isn't transcending old psych-rock tricks. That's a tough task for a genre so old and well-played. But Ancient Sky can settle into a solid groove or spin out of control well enough to make you want them to stick around.