Well, the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon has come and gone, which leaves us with the final stretch of classes and final projects before sweet Winter Break is here. We've got tons of excellent holiday goodness coming up at 1190, including our yearly Top 100 countdown (complete with discussion by yours truly) and some Christmas and New Years specials that will send your year out with panache. Without further ado, let's take a look at what's destroying the airwaves this week.

Jack White has taken on the form of a historian in his post White Stripes years, so it's no wonder to see his Third Man label issuing a live release from Detroit punk beasts The Gories. The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88 is a furious collection of raw Detroit punk goodness that should please fans as giddy about distortion as Jack White clearly is.

Reaching back even further into time, The Numbers Band has just released a live performance from 1976 entitled Jimmy Bell's Still in Town, demonstrating their unique combination of styles that's massively influenced the American avant-garde rock movement. Hailing from Kent, Ohio, The Numbers Band was a collection of jammers known for mixing complex rhythms, jazzy improvisation, and wild, raucous riffing, helping to shape the garage sound that sprung forth from Ohio. Also, fun fact: bass player Gerald Casale would go on to form Devo.


Lastly, Mutual Benefit has assembled a lovely debut in the form of Love's Crushing Diamond, an earnest collection of orchestral folk songs that recall the more acoustic side of Animal Collective dashed with a touch of Sufjan's baroque pop stylings. The songs on Love's Crushing Diamond are slow, unfurling meadows of delightful sounds that seem to cradle lead singer Jordan Lee's modest vocals, making for an album that embodies the word precious.

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