7 Days of Funk, "7 Days of Funk"
7 Days of Funk, "7 Days of Funk" (Courtesy)
Snoop Dogg and Dâm-Funk teaming up as 7 Days of Funk is somehow the most natural thing in the world. Yes, it's funky. And, yes, it's delightful.

7 Days of Funk is the stuff that came before West Coast hip hop in the ‘90s. Of course Snoop is going to sound so at home. Performing here as Snoopzilla (so many aliases!), he is fully chilled out. His rapping style has always been pretty laid back, but this takes the vaguely breathy and definitely stoned thing to its limits. Plus, he sings. It's not the best singing, but it'll do. He can cruise on it being a novelty. When he opens with, “May the funk be with you, as we toast to the boogie,” on “Karupt,” you might laugh, but you can't roll your eyes.

Dâm-Funk's production is heavy on the thumping and rumbling bass lines, and it doesn't sound like he's using any synthesizers or drum machines made in the last decade. It's a low key brand of funk that feels held together by sex appeal, like it could fall out of the groove at any given moment if not for everyone really feeling it.

“Systematic,” the bonus track, might be the most fun and the most modern. The deep and buzzy synth melody driving it forward is completely infectious and could almost be used in an EDM track. Almost.

7 Days of Funk was thrown together quickly, as a passion project, and you can hear that looseness all over it. It's far from perfect or groundbreaking, but as throwbacks go, this is great.


Throw it on at your next house party and toast to the boogie.