The Wu-Tang Clan.
The Wu-Tang Clan. (Courtesy

Sometime after midnight, in the first hours of 2014, pot candy was flying through the smoky air and into the reaching hands of an already stoned crowd.

Wu-Year's Eve at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom was an especially excellent way to ring in a new year that would also bring recreational marijuana stores to Colorado. The next morning, a line for Denver Kush Club would extend well past Cervantes, a venue that's always looked the other way (or held its nose) when it comes to discrete toking at concerts.

Throw in members of the Wu-Tang Clan — Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Method Man — and you've got an especially stoney New Year's Eve party. (Fun fact: You could also buy bottles of Moet and just carry them around, sipping straight from the bottle.)

Ashley Dean
Ashley Dean

I know, I know. Boulder County is going to be much slower than Denver in getting the rec shops up and running, but you can celebrate anyway. Let's not get technical about your reasons to blaze.

Weed and music have a long history and a beautiful relationship. There's hardly a genre that hasn't been touched by the dank stuff. The influence can take the simple form of creative inspiration, with results as obvious as the trippiest psych rock or seemingly sober songs. And sometimes — or many, many times — artists outright dedicate songs to it. This is a playlist for the latter.

Now that marijuana can be legally purchased and consumed like alcohol, celebrate it with impunity. Pass that dutch, baby.

Cypress Hill, "Legalize It"

Cypress Hill, "Light Another"

Wu-Tang Clain, "As High As Wu-Tang Get"

Missy Elliot, "Pass That Dutch"

Action Bronson, "9-24-13"

M.I.A., "Galang"

FIDLAR, "Wake Bake Skate"

Parquet Courts, "Stoned and Starving"

Ty Segall, "I Got Stoned"

Ringo Deathstarr, "So High"

Best Coast, "Sun Was High (So Was I)"

Muddy Waters, "Champagne and Reefer"

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