If you go
What: Pickwick
When: 8 p.m. Thursday
Where: Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-377-1666
Cost: $15
More info: bluebirdtheater.net

In the wake of a new single and music video released early this week, Pickwick is headed to Denver.

The Seattle indie rockers have been busy touring in support of their Can't Talk Medicine LP. The two-sided single includes new versions of songs "Halls of Columbia" and "Windowsill," now with horns.

"We had some horns on an EP, so I think it's always been an intention of ours, but it didn't really work out until now," Galen Disston said. "And we also spent some time on the road with Black Joe Lewis and he features a bari sax and we all really liked it. It's this deep, terrifying sax sound."

It's not a surprising development. Since Pickwick ditched its folk sound years ago, the rock has been injected with soul and R&B. It started with a series of singles in 2011, which were later compiled for the Myths EP. They followed up that success in early 2013 with the full-length Can't Talk Medicine.

The guys head home to Seattle soon, where they'll start working in the next record.


Gabel said it's not certain whether or not they'll keep up with the horns, but it'll work itself out when they really get into writing.

"This is the first time that we've all been able to be together and work on songs, so I think that's created a lot of new, different approaches. Some stuff that's quieter and more intense," Disston said. "It all just depends on what we choose to put on the record. But I think we learned a lot about writing together -- what works and what doesn't, and what types of collaborations work."

They're expecting the next record to come this year. Some of it is in the demo phase and Disston said they're taking what they've been doing all along, and doing it better.

"It took sort of what we were doing on Can't Talk Medicine to an extreme, which has been exciting," he said, "watching how the rock 'n' roll we've always been making can be expanded on."

Pickwick's progress has been steady so far, partly thanks to how much fun the music can be. It was only 2012 when the band played Denver’s intimate hi-dive. On this trip, Pickwick headlines the Bluebird Theater for the second time.

Check them out on Thursday night and keep your ears open for the next record.