You Blew It!, "Keep Doing What You’re Doing"
You Blew It!, "Keep Doing What You're Doing" (Courtesy Photo)
You Blew It! lists its genre as “1999” on it's Facebook page, and that's pretty spot on. They sound like Sum 41 and Simple Plan fans who grew up and decided to make the music of their teen years, but better.

And so, yes, Keep Doing What You're Doing has a lot of feelings. Tanner Jones is alternately whining, screaming, shouting and singing quite nicely to get them all out. The album sounds as youthful as the band's last record, Grow Up, Dude, but it also sounds more focused and polished (relatively speaking). Make your own comments about maturity here -- it's sort of besides the point. It's so damn earnest, even when the lyrics are, “If I had my way, I'd play video games every single fucking day.”

That song, “Strong Island,” on of the album's slow jams, also treats us to the line, “I'm not sure what I'm blaming you for, but it's probably too late to make it better.” The whole record is venting along those lines -- just looking to put it out there and have someone identify with it, without looking for some kind of solution. But even when it borders on whiney, as you'd expect from emo revival, it's catchy as hell. Even at their slowest, the songs on Keep Doing What You're Doing are pummeling and propulsive. It's gritty and messy rock, but there's always something pretty about it, and the melodic lead guitar lines cut through the rest of the thrashing and into the part of your brain that makes you feel things.


Whether or not you'll like Keep Doing What You're Doing largely depends on how you feel about emo revival. When it comes to You Blew It!, though, it's hard not to just turn it up and FEEL.