Welp. It's been as brutal a weekend as there ever was for Colorado, so if you're as glum as we are right now, let the sweet, soothing sounds of 1190 soften the blow.

Tara Jane O'Neil has released possibly her best work yet with Where Shine New Lights, out on Kranky Records. O'Neil's gentle arrangements and heavily reverbed guitar make for a gorgeous, calming collection of songs that take on a sort of epic, yet calming quality.

Xiu Xiu has had an unpredictable career trajectory, and their newest release Angel Guts: Red Classroom sees Jamie Stewart adopting a dense, industrial aesthetic for a series of soulful, nocturnal experiments. Many of the songs feature extended passages of sonic collages that strongly recall Throbbing Gristle, and at its best the music transitions between pummeling intensity and delicate soundscaping on a dime.

Lastly, the CD of the Month at 1190 goes to none other than Hiss Golden Messenger, whose fantastic sophomore effort Bad Debt is a chilling yet ultimately heartwarming collection of songs recorded in M.C. Taylor's kitchen — originally meant for release in 2010 but sabotaged when the warehouse with all copies of the album were burned down in the London riots. Now Bachelors of Paradise have given the album a deserving wide release, and it may be the best collection of songs Taylor has ever recorded.

Other additions include:

New Madrid, Sunswimmer


Sweetheart 2014

Maya Vik, On It EP


Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.