If you go

What: Lucius

When: 9 p.m. Sunday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $13-$15

More info: larimerlounge.com

The simplest way to talk about Lucius is to start on the surface.

The Brooklyn-based indie pop band is highly stylized. Singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are dressed and coiffed to look like twins, though they're not at all related. The resemblance is less striking in their bandmates, Peter Lalish, Dan Molad and Andrew Burri, though they are dressed sharp and dressed to match. The stage blocking for their live shows has Wolfe and Laessig standing like mirror images of each other.

With the vocal focus of Lucius' music — the way Wolfe and Laessig's voices work together — the twin effect is especially important.

"You're not thinking about one singer, you're thinking about a unit. It makes for something that's a little more poetic, and that's how we operate a band," Wolfe said.

The overall image is meant to alter reality, just a little bit. Wolfe said the band wants to transport themselves and the audience. The aesthetics are more pointed than a sartorial choice.


"The two of us were always inspired by artists who had a strong visual presence and who sort of thought about everything, not just the music — thought about visual aspects, and the music, and the arrangements and how it was all connected," Wolfe said. "I think that, for us, because it's so much about the two of us singing as one and all of the bandmates playing as one movement. It was really important that the message translated to the audience before we even started playing a note."

So go ahead and judge the band by its look. It's just a jumping-off point. Once you sink into the debut LP, Wildewoman, you'll want to stay immersed in the heart-melting vocal harmonies and sweet pop melodies. It has the charming quality of sounding old and familiar while brand new and all their own.

Naturally, that's the result of years spent on a record and a lifetime spent listening to different things.

"It was done over such a wide period of time, which I think is why it has so much dynamics and has so much difference between the songs, even though it's so connected through our voices and arrangements," Wolfe said. "Holly and I were going to open mics and showing our ideas, and seeing what fit and what didn't fit, sort of experimenting with sounds."

At the time they were doing that, having left Boston for Brooklyn, they were heavily influenced by Little Dragon and Bon Iver. The pair didn't meet until they both attended Berklee College of Music, but they grew up listening to the same things — soul music, glam rock, '60s rock, the Beatles, David Bowie and Sam Cook, for example.

Lucius is still touring on Wildewoman, but Wolfe said they're hoping to get back into the studio at end of the year. They've had a little bit of downtime between tours to start writing again.

"It's definitely early stages," she said. "It's hard to say [where it's going.] Definitely much of the same elements in terms of singing powerfully and strong melodies, but definitely with a lot of rhythmic sensibilities."

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