If you go

What: Ringo Deathstarr

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

Cost: $10

More info: hi-dive.com

Elliot Frazier was somewhere in the desert on Wednesday afternoon, and he wanted to know if it would be cold when he and the rest of Ringo Deathstarr come to Colorado next week.

The weather is unpredictable, of course, but there is one thing the Austin band can count on.

"We're excited to come to Colorado and take advantage of your new freedoms," Frazier said.

That's not surprising coming from any musician, but especially not one who's latest EP starts with a song called "Bong Load." That EP, God's Dream, is out on March 25, and it's a blazing half hour of glazed vocals, punchy drumming and thick layers of guitar, out which they're wringing every possible strange sound.

It's the result of a varying and sometimes complicated process.

"It never really goes any way twice, you know?" Frazier said. "For the last couple years ... each one of us has been making tons of recordings at home, snippets of stuff. We're lucky if we have a verse and chorus together in one demo. We're pumping out sections of songs or whatever, and we send them to each other. Alex will send in something and it's, 'Oh, I have something that we can mix with that.' Or I'll just pick up the guitar and plug it into the pedal — I use alternate tunings — and I'll play something that'll feed back in a weird way, or a chord will make a weird sound and that'll inspire something."


The vocals are a different story. A press release says Ringo Deathstarr "is born from a love of melody, a love of guitar, and a hatred of pompous vocals." The singing duties are mostly left up to Alex Gehring, whose voice sounds especially light and airy underneath some glossy effects. On God's Dream, for the first time, drummer Daniel Coborn sings on two songs. But it's still all understated and secondary to the instrumentals.

"Well, you know, the singers of bands just really annoy me," Frazier said, laughing. "I hate my own vocal. I'm not a good singer. I actually think Daniel has the best voice out of all of us, so hopefully he'll sing some more. I sing because I don't trust anyone else to sing. You might write a song and then the singer just starts singing and ruins it. It's just one of those things, you know?"

Daniel's vocals aren't the only new thing on God's Dream (which, upon repeated listens, feels more and more like the perfect title). Frazier said the band wrote together more than they have on the previous four records, and they've tweaked the drum sounds

"I dunno, we recorded the drums in such a way that they sound really crazy," he said.

You can't hear the recorded results until late March, but you can get a taste of it live, which is it's own noisy trip. Ringo Deathstarr will be in Denver to play the hi-dive on Tuesday, Feb. 25 with fellow Texans Purple and Denver's own Thee Dang Dangs.

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