Bleeding Rainbow, ’Interrupt.’
Bleeding Rainbow, 'Interrupt.' (Courtesy)
Bleeding Rainbow (formerly Reading Rainbow until an awkward switch) is back and they're sounding raw.

Last year's Yeah Right was pretty shoegazey, and there's still plenty of that on Interrupt, but it's more aggressive. One of the early singles, "Images," sounds like a Cloud Nothings song for all the thrashing drums, wailing guitars and Rob Garcia's shout-singing. "So You Know" is dark and tortured.

Still, that's the heavier side. For the most part, Interrupt bounces along and only occasionally gets too down in the muck of distorted guitar drones. The propulsive energy is largely thanks to the drumming of Robi Gonzalez (who's been replaced since the album was recorded).

Sarah Everton's voice has always been fun for the childish tone that only increases as the melodies climb higher. On a couple of these songs, like "Cut Up," she's more full-voiced at lower pitches, and it packs a punch. Either way, it's always a nice, light touch on top of the fuzz. 

According to the band's label (Kanine), recording the sub-35-minute record took just two weeks, and sometimes songs took only one take. Interrupt sounds raw, but not as sloppy as the recording time might suggest. That kind of process seems to work well for Bleeding Rainbow. The music isn't meant to sound flawless, it's meant to be visceral. It's not a lasting, important record, but it's fun while it's playing.